Quality Policy

Product excellence does not just happen. It is the result of being a cut above one’s competitors, and begins with the commitment of top management and extends to every employee in the organization. Romaric ensures that our products are defined, designed, developed, and tested sufficiently in order to guarantee that they meet our customer’s requirements. Romaric will accomplish this through our total commitment to:

  • Ensure that established methodologies and procedures are followed religiously.
  • Listen to our customer’s needs and expectations in order to accurately define product specifications.
  • Conduct regular design reviews and code reviews to ensure product excellence.
  • Design, develop, and execute inter-component, integration, throughput, and reliability test plans to completely and absolutely test the product prior to each software release.
  • Consistently deliver high quality, reliable products on time in order to astound our customers with out ability to meet our commitments
  • Involve all employees in the process of continual improvement.