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With the Romaric Emulation System for Quality (RES-Q™), you can ensure that your fab software is well tested in a risk- free environment.

Experienced fab managers understand the tremendous risks associated with installing untested software, patches or updates into production. Now there is a solution which can ensure your best chance for success. Whether your needs are related to transport and storage devices or process and metrology tools, RES-Q can help.

Romaric works closely with AMHS and tool vendors, as well as the end users, to develop emulation software that mimics the equipment, both its interfaces and behaviors, as accurately as possible.

In fact, RES-Q emulation is so accurate that it can be used as a detailed simulation and analysis tool. RES-Q combines the behavior modeling of a simulator with the connectivity of an emulator.

A single instance of RES-Q can simultaneously provide emulation for multiple process and metrology tool sets, multiple AMHS equipment sets, an EI, or an MES system. RES-Q is flexible and scalable, easily handling a small subset or even your facility’s entire equipment set.

RES-Q allows you to test your fab software applications without requiring the presence of the actual equipment. Even software vendors can now test their systems in-house.
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Pre-installation Validation

With RES-Q you can perform intense search-and-destroy quality assurance testing before your automation software is used for production. As you well know, the cost of finding and fixing software bugs increases by at least an order of magnitude after the software has been installed and is in use. With the potential affect of critical bugs on your production, RES-Q offers you a rapid ROI.

Parameter Tuning

Often the optimal settings for things like alternate storage chains and system timeouts are not clear until tested with your specific workflow. Why use your production system to experiment, when Romaric can rescue you from this undesired situation? Discover the advantages of tuning your automation software offline.

Offline Troubleshooting

Do you suspect bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your automation software? Is there a bug in your system that you can ill-afford to attempt to duplicate in production, but suspect will eventually bite you? Using RES-Q you can easily attempt to reproduce intermittent problems and can uncover in- efficiencies and validate suspected bottlenecks. Discover the advantages of finding and fixing bugs before they affect production.

Throughput Testing

Your current production system appears to handle your current needs, but pressures are mounting to increase your wafer starts.Will your system be able to handle the additional requirements? Will planned expansions give desired throughput increases? RES-Q will give you the answer. Don’t guess the outcome. Predict it with RES-Q.

Reliability Testing

You’d like to confirm that your fab software can execute for weeks and weeks before putting it into production. Using RES-Q you can automate testing to stress-test your system for as long as you desire – days, weeks, or even months. Increase the speed factor by up to 10x and perform 10 days of emulated production in a single day’s time. Discover the advantages of a reliable system even before production startup.

Return on Investment

The return on your investment (ROI) can easily equal 10x or more in a very short period. Project deployment savings are realized through reduced labor and travel costs at site. With customization development, engineers can fully test modifications which results in fewer bugs at site and less support costs down the road.