Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE™) OS
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Romaric automation software is based on RACE™ technology. RACE provides the rock-solid stability demanded by 24 / 7 factory automation systems. RACE’s two-layer architecture facilitates reuse across a wide variety of software applications. Any layer of the RACE architecture can be modified or even replaced as necessary. The Roma MD MCS and the RES-Q™ emulation system are both built on the RACE architecture. The Powered By RACE™ logo is your assurance of dependability and performance. With RACE you are sure to win.

Power and Flexibility

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RACE is divided into two layers for ultimate flexibility. RACE I provides core enterprise services such as database persistence, failover and fail-back, high availability, transactional integrity, security, low-latency event logging, data caching, process management and inter-process messaging. RACE II adds to those services automation-specific functions like scheduling, equipment communication drivers, device management and statistics gathering. Any application built on RACE inherits these robust, scalable services. Flexibility also applies to your choice of platforms and databases. RACE is designed to be computer platform and database agnostic. This means RACE applications can be deployed on the operating system, hardware and database you select.
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Products built on RACE OS

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  • Full-featured Material Control System
  • IBSEM and Stocker SEM Interfaces
  • Upgrade path for older MCS Systems
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RaceTrack™ (Vehicle Controller)

  • Upgrade for PRI AeroTrak
  • Upgrade for Daifuku MCP
  • Vehicle Selection & Control Optimization
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RES-Q™ (Emulated Test Environment)

  • AMHS and Process Equipment
  • Reliability and Throughput Testing
  • Offline Troubleshooting, Training, and "what ifs"
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R-SPC (Stocker Purge Controller)

  • Turbo Stockers
  • 7000 Series Stockers
  • Freedom from Windows 2000