AMHS / MCS Assessment

Get a checkup of your current operation. Take advantage of Romaric’s vast experience in the area of material control through an independent assessment of your current operation.

  • Are your storage and retrieval algorithms optimized?
  • Is your AMHS equipment being utilized fully and effectively?
  • Can the interface between your MES, MCS, Dispatcher and other fab software be streamlined for improved operations?
  • What is your move efficiency rating?
  • Do you understand your transport bottlenecks?
  • Is your system capable and ready for expansion?
  • Are your statistics meaningful and accurate?
  • What is the life expectancy of your MCS software?
  • Do you have a convenient procedure for installing software updates?

Discover the advantages of understanding the answers to these and other important questions through a Romaric fab software assessment.
Romaric may be able to help via a Fab Assessment. With detailed knowledge of fab operations, Romaric is extremely capable of assessing your current fab operations for optimized load movement and suggesting improvements.

In one case, where the customer was using an old MCS system, Romaric was able to identify deficiencies in configuration settings and alternate routing algorithms and suggest steps leading to a 39% improvement in throughput without requiring modifications to the MCS software or to the low-level AMHS controls.