MES Integration

MES requirements are changing, requiring tighter vertical integration with process and metrology equipment, material handing equipment, dispatching, engineering data, document systems, and SPC & ERP systems. In addition, MES data must span multiple production facilities when the product is manufactured in more than one physical location. Having the right MES and understanding how to model and integrate that MES to fit current and future needs is critical to being competitive in an ever-changing world.

An MES can no longer be a stand-alone system with isolated terminals and paper travelers. A properly integrated MES requires integration with equipment, and logic to control and prevent mis-processing. All manufacturing process data must be collected electronically through automated interfaces. Romaric has many years of experience in MES integration, and can provide full service integration for the MES of your choice.
Romaric has a strong background in Manufacturing Execution Systems and has provided integration services for several systems including:

  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Eyelit
  • AIS FabEagle
  • Fab300
  • Camstar
  • Workstream
  • FactoryWorks
  • MesTec
  • Insite

Romaric offers our own MES emulation system, RES-Q MES, which is utilized by customers developing cell controllers or other systems that interface with an MES and need the MES to drive their throughput and activities. RES-Q MES includes complete product and process plan creation, definition of an unlimited number of tool ID’s, creation and publication of dispatch lists, an API for interfacing to other applications and many other useful features and functions.